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Online Servicedesk services for increased customer satisfaction

Email management tools

Explore Online Servicedesk features designed for email management. Reply faster with canned responses. Create teams and automated rules. Bring all customer communication to one place.

Flexible subscription

Choose a monthly or annual subscription. Online Servicedesk’s flexible plans mean you’ll find one that fits just right. Create accounts to invite everyone from your team.

Skip the install and speed up the Online Servicedesk setup

Open your browser and start solving tickets right away. There’s no need to install any apps or codes. Your Online Servicedesk is always available, up-to-date, and ready to simplify your daily work.

Improve customer experience with Online Servicedesk

Receive and analyze customer feedback

Your customers can rate your ticket responses. Read their comments to find out what is important for them and how you can adjust your customer service to match their expectations.

Investigate reports

Take a look at Online Servicedesk reports to find out how well you’re doing in customer service. Compare global data or team stats to learn more about your performance.

Let Online Servicedesk lighten your workload

Speed up your customer service workflow with HelpDesk features.

Automated rules

Connect multiple addresses to your Online Servicedesk account. Create teams of agents responsible for particular tasks. Define rules to assign tickets automatically.

Canned responses

Prepare responses for frequently asked questions and use them in your replies with a simple shortcut. Cut down on the time needed to solve a ticket.

Scale up your help desk services with integrations

Integrate your current helpdesk with Online Servicedesk to maximize your customer service results. Use both chats and tickets to support your customers. Make sure they can reach out to you using their preferred communication channel.

Online servicedesk for different business scenarios

Use Online Servicedesk to provide services that match your company’s goals and organizational structure.

Stay in touch with your customers

Create a team that provides general support to all customers. They can answer standard questions instantly and redirect more complex cases to specialized teams. Make sure your customers can easily reach you.

Solve complicated issues

Redirect technical issues to a specialized department within your company. More efficiently solve cases that require advanced technical knowledge. Analyze tech questions and eliminate bugs.

Increase your sales

Online forms are a great source of leads. Use a ticketing system to classify leads and stay in touch with potential customers. Give precise information about products and build relationships with your future customers.

Solve IT tickets

Companies need a place for their employees to ask about access tokens, hardware exchange, and instructions on how to use company software. Give your employees an easy way to reach out when they have tech questions.

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